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Friday, January 27, 2012

wake up! ladies!

Assalamualaikum..and a very good afternoon..actually,i don't have any idea to will just write anything that crossed in my mind..nowadays,when i walk at the streets,i rarely see girl with scarf.. i wonder why???.does my country is so hot??well,,i don't think so!!it's rainy season..God has given all of you such a preety and beautiful,why don't you cover it up??i usually read about the great benefit things that will occur for those that cover their aurat..but,why,my ladies?is it so hard for you to cover up your had such a beautiful,precious,and special gift that Allah has given to you..why,my girls??why?well,,don't you realise that you will receive punishment from Allah in the An-Nar??don't you realise that our world is going to end soon??what about your love to god??don't you love Allah?Allah is the Most Lover!Allah always pour His love to us!why can't you do the same thing?there are so many question flying in my minds,..think again my friend,..think again.. just sit,take a nice cup of caramel coffee or any kind of halal drinks and think about yourself..the door of taubat is always wide open for you until your death..Fattabuni!

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